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Desert Walk Sharm

Walk and Yoga in the Sinai Desert

The desert offers an optimal hideaway from the busy
life to experience the here and now.
In the reduction to the basics, the silence, the beeing, the body relaxes and the mind becomes free.
The desert heals the soul.

We walk 1 hours through a granit wady, pass a  Beduinenvillage and big akazia trees.

The walk can be done in silence or we sit in the shade of an akazia tree and enjoy the vibration and pure nature of the
desert and the silence.

We practice 1 hour yoga in the desert and walk back to
where we started our walk.

To walk in the desert you need:

- Walking Shoes
- Cap

- Rucksack with Nuts, dried fruit or fresh fruit
- big bottle of water
- Suncream

Desert walks can only be done between October untill May when the climate is warm or even cool.

Price: 50 Euro
includes transfer from and to the hotel
1 hours walking in the desert of Rowisat
1 hour yoga in the desert

For further information and bookings please email to