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about Yogini Gaby Anjali

Branaam, i am a Yoga Alliance registered Advanced Yoga teacher and have undertaken several teacher programs. I have dedicated my time almost completely to my practice and have taken my mat and have travelled around to study with many of the great teachers.

The travel bug has been part of my personality right after I finished school. I speak five languages, something that opens doors wherever I go.

I am originally from Switzerland but I have travelled around the world and stay at the moment in Egypt. Whether it was Iceland, Australia, Canada, USA, Egypt, Thailand, India or several countries in Europe, I feel at home in every corner of this world and I am looking forward to sharing my passion for yoga, nature and travelling with you!

I was lucky to have been part of a training that incorporates teaching of traditional methods as well as modern self-exploration and empowerment, Yoga Anatomy, Philosophy, Yogic Nutrition and of course Asana practice. Its that synergy of styles and philosophies that now enables me to adapt classes to my students needs. 

There is not much that excites me as much as witnessing the incredible transformation one can go through yoga practice. As a yoga teacher its my job and greatest joy to provide a sacred space for transformation through practice and dedication.
I playfully inspire my students to stay focused in the present moment and to make the best of it even if that Chaturanga Asana feels like its being held for way too long! I am excited to share with you safe, compassionate and yes, challenging asana practice.

        loka samasta sukhino bhavanthu
           om shanti shanti shantih


Yogi Praveen introduced Raja Yoga to me and i found my passion for it. There was something about those ancient practices, thaught so gracefully to me. My fascination with the yoga phenomenon grew until I knew I had found something that would always be an integral part of my life.

I started with traditional Hatha Yoga and made my way east in order to explore the therapeutic aspect of yoga at the sourse: India!
With an open mind i was guided by a knowledgeable Yogi Ganesh P. Sonkar in Varanasi at the Ganges. I found the ideal refuge that allowed me to keep my body firm with simple Asanas, Pranayama and a natural way of life.

Yogi Sivadas taught me Tribal Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Philosophy, Sound Healing and Reiki in the Himalayas. I learned to become aware. He gave me his blessings to set the spark into other peoples hearts and make a difference to people.

Yoga gave me one form of insight into my body which is so much stronger, and it is the expression of my soul.

My teaching style is a dynamic style of yoga that links movement with breathing and focusing. This type of yoga practice is challenging, encouraging mindfulness whilst improving strength, posture and mental wellbeing. My classes are creative and playful with a focus on a safe and healthy body alignment for sustainable practice. As a perfect complement to the dynamic and muscular yoga style I also love to guide my students towards a very relaxed state by guiding meditation classes. Besides that I also teach yoga therapy and give sound massages. It is very important for me to give my students access to yoga and to adapt to the special needs of each individual person. with great joy and enthusiasm I like to share with people what i experienced through my own yoga journey - harmony within itself, satisfaction, serenity and the happiness that comes with it.

I study holistic nutrition and health coaching at the Akademie der Naturheilkunde in Switzerland and look forward to sharing with you.

Our life journey is about discovering who we truly are, our souls passion and living a life of joy. Through Access Consciousness 
®️ The Bars I learned an other tool to clear stress and free the body to heal itself and feel better on all levels.

I am looking forward to spending time with you, both on and off the mat.

Jai Siddhatma, Yogini Gaby Anjali