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reiki courses                                                                                                  Reiki Courses Grad 1 - 3

As a free Reiki-Teacher i dont belong to an association and teach Reiki undogmatic and clear because to learn the Reiki prictice is very easy and i dont want to make it complicated with a lot of additional material. I will give you the tools to treat yourself and others. How you create your Reiki Sessions is up to you. A requirement is certainly that you will use Reiki for yourself and others in the way that it is the most benefitial.

Energy work is wonderful, but if you commit to a Reiki course (doesnt matter with which teacher), you do it on your own responsibility and out of a deep wish to give universal energy to yourself and maybe also to others and to heal them physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

My Reiki courses grade 1 - 3 are given after the traditional "Usui-System of natural healing". You will receive a initiation to each grade and comprehensive information and material which you can study again at home and with with you will work. In the first Reiki grad your energy chanel will be opened and you will learn and practice the handpositions, how a Reiki Treatment is given and what the universal energy can cause. All following courses are buildt up on the knowledge of this first Reiki grad and deepen your knowledge even further and strenghten your energy flow.

Important Information:
During and after the initiation you could feel a tiredness, headache or nausea. This can be caused by the energetic changes or detox in your body and is normal. It is important to drink lots of fresh water after the course and it is further important to know that you are doing a Reiki course on your own risk.

For further questions or reservation please call +20 120 1673459 or email to