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OMKARA YOGA SCHOOL is located in Sharm el Sheikh, a village in the south of Sinai in Egypt. The Sinai is regarded as the land of peace, nature and spirit. A popular travellers paradies. The Yoga School is well known offering many forms of yoga training such as Classical Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga. Also offering Retreats, yoga in the desert and courses in ReikiMeditationYoga Nidra, Yoga Philosophy, Sound Therapy modalities and Holistic Healing.
We spezialice in smaller group classes with maximum of 8 students per course in order to give the students more personal attention.

                "Yoga will reconnect people and emerge as a mighty world culture and change the course of world events."
Swami Satyananda Saraswati

One Month spiritual Yoga Journey in Sharm el Sheikh, Sinai                       Schedule
This four-week intensive Yoga Journey is an exceptionally high quality, comprehensice and transformative experience. How to comfort yourself - in the world of intentional hard-knocks and reconnect to nature and to yourself.Our basic training MUST include self-comfort. Becoming your own best friend is a mandatory step towards developing courage. Your decisive action leaves others in their box.

This course is a time of personal growth - the cocoon to the butterfly.
Send your application, we only choose a small amount of people 

Yoga Retreats Have the courage to be different, discover the magic...

Detox your body and wellness in Sharm el Sheikh on  28.03 - 01.04.2017 leaving a warm sensation of Wellbeing and Inner Peace.

3 days Tribal Ashtanga Yoga in Sharm el Sheikh next  28.03.. - 30.03.2017
Connect to your inner self and relax.

Yoga and Meditation for Beginners
Ketogenic Diet
Detox Introduction
Detox Details
Go and get your dream. Motivational skills
Natural pregnancy tips
How to connect with nature
Tips for health, vitality and happiness
Patanjali Yoga Sutras 

Yoga Nidra      is far beyond just meditation

Yoga Nidra means Yogic sleep. It is a state of conscious deep sleep. 
While Yoga Nidra is a state that is very relaxing, it is also used by Yogis to purify the Samskaras, the deep impressions that are the driving force behind Karma. Allow yourself to be completely relaxed.

Sound Massage      harmonize all your cells

Sound Massage affects each cell of the body. We can take the example of a lake. When a drop falls in it, the drop creates concentric movements of the water in the way the whole of the lake is put into motion. The same applies to your body. Vibrate on the concert of the Singing Bowl.

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Low-carb diet as a vegetarian
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Leinsamen Cracker für den kleinen Hunger zwischendurch ...
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The Magic of Stones   

The Stone Beings are magical beings.
They know the magic and power of the energy of stillness.

Choose your own individual handmade necklace or mala...



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